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A Multi-currency nft exchange

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Project XD-1 is the RaDical-X nft exchange. It has been developed on the xrpl following the xls20 network protocol upgrade. Anyone with a XUMM wallet is able to register, sign in and begin creating/minting and trading NFTs with crypto. Utilising the layer 3 solution on the XRPL we are able to provide a fully peer to peer system, trading any currency on the network for any nft. All nfts and currencies are custodied by the users and not the exchange. This provides a decentralised solution to nft trading but also means all your assets are 100% safe.


A NFT is a digital file minted on a blockchain.

The file can be:


You can prepare to mint a file by adding it to our platform in the 'CREATE NFT' option.

Add Data

When creating a NFT you will need to add relevant data to the file depending what it is.

A name, category, estimated starting price, and a brief description.

You can also add

'META DATA' providing a property and value.


After you have prepared the file in 'create NFT' you can then 'MINT' the file onto the XRPL.

The fee to mint is

0.000015 XRP

with no additional cost to minting, deleting or burning your NFT


Immediately after you have minted your NFT you will be able to put it on sale in any token trustline held in your wallet at 0% trading fee. You will be able to categorise your nft in your profile and apply to our enhanced features.

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Want to be a nft content creator?
Scan or 'click' the QR code below open to all!

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the xdx token is utilised as a currency to radical-x for nft trades, profile validation, enhanced trading features, and rewarded to rdx token owners on a APY feature.

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the RDX token is a utility token operating on radical-x. it functions through ownership for additional features and is not spent to be used but owned. 
coming online with 
enhanced features...

RDX 0.000001 - mint NFT's
RDX 0.00001   - Available to use Radical bid
RDX 0.0001     - unlocks validate profiles
RDX 0.1           - apy feature to amount owned
RDX 1              - unlocks Earn xrp feature

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